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EMGO institute for health and care research

The EMGO+ Clinimetrics Working Group
Clinimetrics is a methodological discipline. It focusses on the quality of clinical measurement. Quality of measurement includes both the quality of the measurement instruments and the quality of the performance of the actual measurements (de Vet et al. 2003).
The Clinimetrics group is embedded in the EMGO Institute for Health and Care Research of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. The Clinimetrics group was founded in 2002 with the appointment of Henrica C.W. de Vet as Professor in Clinimetrics.
Our mission

The Clinimetrics group has the following objectives:
The group consists of about 20 EMGO investigators, including PhD students, postdocs, and senior researchers and professors. The group convenes once a month to discuss clinimetrics on the basis of its own research, manuscripts in preparation, or methodological papers from the literature.
We mainly focuss on five topics:
  1. systematic reviews of measurement properties
  2. minimal important change
  3. responsiveness
  4. IRT
  5. response shift