Course Clinimetrics

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Course Clinimetrics

The Knowledgecenter Measurement Instruments and the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the VU University Medical Center organize a 3-day course in Clinimetrics. This course is developed for PhD students and researchers in the field of medicine, psychology, and heath sciences, and deals with development, evaluation and interpretation of clinical assessment tools. Basic knowledge in epidemiology and statistical methods is necessary.

The course is provided yearly in Dutch in June as part of the Master Epidemiology (see the website EpidM). The course is provided in English every year in January as part of the Winter Courses in Epidemiology. A maximum of 48 persons can participate. 

We also offer to provide this course locally at your University of Institute. Over the past years we have provided this course at the University of Sydney, Australia, the Univeristy of Odense, Denmark, and the Univeristy of Bergen, Norway.